Ep. 126 || Ask Us Anything! Spring 2019 Edition

Whenever we ask the R|M community for questions, they range from lighthearted and practical to thought-provoking and theological, which makes the AUA show something special. In this one-hour episode, Emily and Laura answer listeners’ questions from how they handle the work of the ministry and how they manage their personal screen time, to how they’ve changed as mothers and how they intentionally connect with their husbands. We hope as you listen, you’ll see how the gospel applies to everything and how we have freedom in Christ to serve our families in unique ways.

Questions (Time-Stamped):

[1:51] What podcasts do you listen to?

[4:28] How do you potty train little boys?

[6:39] Do you guys hang out a lot outside of podcast/book stuff?

[8:37] Do you consider yourselves stay-at-home moms?

[11:17] How do you do the ministry of R|M and motherhood?

[18:20] What advice would you give to those wanting to grow in their writing?

[22:34] Do you ever struggle with comparing yourselves to each other? How do you deal with this?

[29:14] Do you have limits or personal policies that you use to limit or guard yourself from too  much social media intake?

[31:56] How are you a different mom now than in the first year or two of mothering?

[37:23] How do you practically handle being real about your emotions with your kids (anger, sadness, crying) while still giving them the stability they need from their mom?

[44:41] What are some of your go-to questions to ask your husband to help connect?

[45:36] What are some of your most common prayers throughout any given day?

[46:45] Are there rules for prayer?

[49:47] Do you have any friends whom you disagree with theologically? How do you navigate this?


Marriage questions:

      • How can I love you better this week?

      • How can I love you in intimacy this week?

      • What’s coming in the week ahead?

      • What’s one way I can serve you this week?


Related R|M resources:

Writing Resources:


  1. All moms are ministers of the gospel of Christ. Some may serve in official capacities like in a church or nonprofit, but all serve in their homes and local communities. How is motherhood a ministry? How does God instruct believers to serve others out of their love for Christ? How do you share the gospel in your words and actions in everyday life?

  2. By God’s grace, we’re able to grow in our ability to mother. We may learn a new trick like prepping lunch before heading out to church or learn a spiritual discipline like being patient amidst the demands for snacks every afternoon. How have you grown as a mother? How are those examples—practical or spiritual—signposts of God’s faithfulness to you?

  3. There’s a form of godly comparison that encourages you towards godliness and thankfulness. What would this look like? Can you think of a friend whose love of God and others causes you to praise God and press into the work before you? Consider sharing with your friend how her joy in the Lord shines for others.

  4. Connecting with your husband in the little years can take a little creativity and a lot of intentionality. (That’s probably why every AUA has a question about marriage!) What makes your husband feel known, respected, and cared for? How can you build some of those things into your weekly rhythm?

  5. God’s word offers what we need for godly living and encouragement. Podcasts, articles, and books are extra gifts but not the source of wisdom. Are you searching the scriptures for wisdom or looking around for second-hand information? How can you become a better student of God’s word?   


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