Ep. 112 || Living the Lifestyle You Want: Money, Motherhood, & the Gospel

Strollers, music lessons, school clothes, and summer trips—motherhood can be expensive. But the way we spend money can often reveal what we value and desire . In this episode, Emily and Laura barely scratch the surface of spending in motherhood, then dig down to the roots: what’s in our hearts. By God’s grace, the gospel reshapes our hearts to love what God loves, enabling us to use the resources he’s entrusted to us for his glory. No matter our financial situation, Christ is our greatest treasure and our hearts will only be satisfied by him.   

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Culture tells us we need many things in order to be “good” moms. But God promises he will renew our minds through his word by the work of the Holy Spirit, giving us new hearts and a transformed view of parenting. Our desire for the things of God will grow! The overflow of our hearts will affect every area of our lives—including how we spend money. Today, let’s check our hearts for misplaced worship and fix our eyes on our greatest treasure, Jesus.

  1. God created everything, which means he is the Sustainer of all things and in complete control of his resources. Our roles is to be faithful stewards and managers of his resources, trusting him to provide for our needs. Can you think of specific ways God has cared for your family in the past? How does his past faithfulness encourage your trust in his future provision?

  2. We have sinful hearts that love to worship things God created instead of God himself. If we look at how we spend our money, we can see clues for what we value most—achievements, convenience, reputations, etc. Where does your family invest the most money? What are your heart motives in doing this?

  3. Even though we know Christ is our truest treasure, we still chase happiness in fleeting idols. How does knowing God gave his most precious gift, Jesus, for our gain bring you present joy? How does this truth give you hope for your future with Christ?

  4. The only things that last are God, his word, and his people. How are you already investing in these things? (Ex. Scripture study, serving in the local church, practicing hospitality in your community)

  5. Our efforts to glorify God with our money don’t need to be new, far-reaching ideas. We just need to be faithful with what we have and where we are, and that’ll look different for everyone. Invite your kids to brainstorm with you as you consider: How can we use what’s been entrusted to us to show people the love of God?