Ep. 136 || Give Me All the Gurus: Where To Find True Answers to Our Motherhood Questions

Most of us have our favorite “experts” or “gurus”—the voices we turn to for tips, tricks, and how-tos. We love the ability to learn something quickly by scrolling through our social media feeds. But should Christians solely depend on the “experts” of our culture to learn how to live a faithful life? In this episode, Emily and Laura examine why we like our gurus so much. While they are often be helpful, we’re called to unconditionally follow only one expert: Jesus. In Christ, God gives us the Holy Spirit to teach and train us in wisdom according to God’s word. We can still enjoy the gurus, but we know the source of all wisdom is God alone.

If you’re reading Risen Motherhood while listening to the show this week, check out chapter seven: The Gospel and Our Mundane Moments.


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  1. Gurus and experts are everywhere—including the Christian sphere. We can listen to podcasts, read books, and keep up with their ideas on social media. Like all things, this can be good or bad. Do you follow any gurus? What are some of the benefits? What are some of the dangers?

  2. Human hearts are fickle. We depend on gurus for knowledge because of ease and speed, but we also want the knowledge to pridefully posture ourselves as experts. Name a few ways you can check your heart to keep from overly depending on gurus or seeking to be known as the “expert.”

  3. Most of us hope to find the right formula or tip that will transform our lives and make us the best moms ever. We think we’ll do whatever the expert says if it’ll produce the results we want. Adam and Eve did know the one thing to do to enjoy life with God forever, but they failed to obey. What does their example teach us about our own hearts?

  4. God created us with a desire to learn, which is good and used for his glory. He is the source of all wisdom, and he’s made a way for us to grow in wisdom and godliness. How are Christians supposed to seek God’s wisdom about how to live?

  5. Do we need to throw out the gurus? How can a Christian benefit from the gurus while pursuing true, perfect wisdom? What does this pursuit look like in your life and how can you make some changes to first depend on God?


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