Ep. 91 || Coffee, Wine, & Social Media: Momma, What’s Your Crutch?

Scroll through Pinterest or eavesdrop in a coffee shop and you might see or hear something along the lines of, “All I need is a whole lotta of Jesus and a little bit of coffee/tacos/Netflix/sleep.” While it’s usually said in jest, we all have little crutches that we rely on when we feel like we’re survival mode. In this episode, Laura and Emily talk about the potential crutches in motherhood like wine, shopping, or social media. While they may make us feel a little good for a little while, only Christ is the source of our greatest joy for the longest time. So momma, let’s go back to the cross and fix our eyes on the only one able to sustain, encourage, grow, and help us in every situation – Jesus.

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Enjoying something like a fancy coffee drink or a Netflix series is not wrong, but we need to make sure that while we enjoy those things, we treasure and rely on Christ alone. This week’s questions are prompts for evaluating your heart, your attitudes, and your behaviors in order to pinpoint the crutches in our lives and lay them at the foot of the cross. Only Christ will satisfy, and because of God’s great mercy and love, we are able to refocus on Christ every single day (even hourly) and find our true joy in him.


  1. Being a mom can feel overwhelming, isolating, and more. This is why it’s so easy to find ourselves relying on crutches instead of Jesus. Think about a time or season when you’ve felt stressed, exhausted, or overwhelmed. What did you turn to during this time? What sorts of things were you excited about or focused on getting? (Think of Laura’s example of feeling entitled to a fancy drink.)

  2. One thing about crutches is they will never satisfy, sustain, or encourage us. As Emily shared, at best, they’ll make us feel a little bit better for a little bit of time. How do you feel after you’ve had your crutch? Do you feel rested or encouraged for the long haul? Or do you find yourself running empty and thinking of when you can fit in another treat or Netflix episode?

  3. Friend, the good news of the gospel is that Christ greets us warmly and lovingly every time we come to him. Think of the examples mentioned in Mark. They were the unwanted, needy, dirty, and incapable ones. They came to Christ without anything to offer or any way to prove themselves worthy. How did Christ respond to them? Do you believe Christ will respond to you the same way?

  4. Any mom in the throws of sleepless nights, tantrums, hard decisions, new challenges, and the general moments of motherhood knows that we can’t do it on our own. But in God’s endless mercy, he’s never asked us to do it alone! He has and will continue to supply our every need: patience, rest, encouragement, hope, everything. What promises from scripture offer you encouragement right now? Looking back, how can you see God’s faithful work to you in both hard and not-so-hard seasons?

  5. Finally, God created us to enjoy him forever. What traits of God are praiseworthy? What parts of his character are you thankful for? How is his gift of Christ more wonderful than any earthly crutch we might cling to?