"I started listening to the RM podcast when I had a newly turned 2 year old and a 9 month old. I was in the midst of pursuing higher education in Bible and theology, but I didn’t quite grasp how those truths and the gospel applied to my season in motherhood. I was more or less surviving motherhood and then separately pursuing Bible knowledge on the side. Once I started listening to RM, my vision for being a discipler of my children completely changed, and so did my participation in motherhood. By far, the RM materials have been the most impactful resource for me in my role of mothering and teaching my children truth. When RM rolled out their Patreon campaign, my immediate thought was “Why wouldn’t I financially support the ministry that has been the most impactful for me?” The financial investment my husband and I make to RM is little in comparison to the change in my own home. My family may not always be in a season of being able to give financially, but we are right now, and we believe that each donation matters. Getting to partner with a ministry that is impacting so many, many lives (not just me as a mom, but my two littles too, my husband, etc.) is a venue for my family to participate in God’s mission for His Kingdom." - Kelsey G.


"I support the Risen Motherhood ministry because it has been so influential in shaping my motherhood and my walk with the Lord. I started listening to the podcast shortly before I became a mom, and I was so grateful for a ministry that points moms to the hope of the gospel. I love that Emily and Laura cover such a variety of topics on the show and how they bring it all back to the gospel. Their approach has really helped me to be able to apply the gospel to everyday situations in motherhood and the rest of life. One of the things I most appreciate about this ministry is how much it encourages moms to get in God’s Word. It truly is our source of life and strength, and I so appreciate that while the RM team does share practical tips and resources, they are constantly encouraging us to go to the Word and to let that be our starting point always. This ministry is a breath of fresh air in our culture today, and I have been so grateful to be able to support the ministry in this small way." - Hannah R.


"Intentional. Succinct. Poignant: enter the world of Risen Motherhood.When I was overwhelmed as new mother, Emily and Laura invigorated, challenged, and encouraged my parenting journey. Their podcast is not a typical "mom" podcast; there are no "life hacks" or "Top Ten Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Veggies". Far more importantly, these ladies encourage moms to use the Gospel as their standard and encouragement for parenting. Emily and Laura tackle the tough topics of parenting, but do so with a warmth and cheer that makes you immediately feel endeared to them. Thank you, ladies, for your dedication and ministry to me and thousands of other moms!" - Katie B. 


"Risen Motherhood has had a profound impact on my relationship with Jesus as I’ve transitioned into motherhood. It’s a battle to spend time with God daily and meditate on His word throughout the day, let alone cook, clean, and keep my children alive. Risen Motherhood has given me tools, tips, advice, and encouragement on how to do this-and it’s all based on scripture. I’ve been convicted by podcast episodes that expose my lack of self-control, self-centeredness, and my desire to put my hope in nap times instead of my Savior. I’ve been reminded that Jesus was not ashamed of His scarred body, no one else will mother like I do, I am the main source of spiritual teaching for my children, my child is not an inconvenience, and I have freedom in Christ to feed my children the way I think is best (and other moms have that freedom too). I have been encouraged because we have about eleven years where we are the main source of teaching in our kids’ lives, and I’ve received tools and ideas to build into them through family devotions, scripture memory, family mission statements, catechisms, music, books, and even the practice of speaking scripture while changing diapers. I have rejoiced to hear that quiet times for other moms are not always quiet and there is hope in continuously restoring order to my home. I have learned that hospitality is a great way to teach children manners, God can use a lack of sleep to sanctify me, and we are all called to teach our children about God regardless of if they go to public school, private school, or are homeschooled. I have been spurred on to share the gospel in my home and outside of my home because we are all called to make disciples. I support Risen Motherhood because I have learned so much from these women. I have laughed and cried with them as they have shared their stories of life and what they have learned. The gospel changes everything. God has used Risen Motherhood to teach and to train me so that I can teach and train my children in the ways of Him." - Alli L.


"I chose to support Risen Motherhood because I love listening! As a stay-at-home mom, it can be hard to look past the immediate frustration or same daily routine. I found listening to RM opened up my perspective and helped me see that I can love where I am in this stage and think beyond. It has encouraged and challenged me to think about hospitality and love for those in my daily life. I support RM so others can also get this encouragement!" - Caroline H. 


"As a new mom, Risen Motherhood has been and continues to be such a blessing in my life. I heard my first RM episode shortly before my baby was born and was so encouraged by the gospel truth that Laura and Emily shared. The transition to motherhood has been more difficult and anxiety ridden than I expected and having these two women and their guests consistently pointing me to the Cross in the big and seemingly little issues of motherhood has been invaluable. When the opportunity to partner with RM arose, I jumped at the chance… it was a no brainer for me!" - Emily S.


"I am blessed to get to support Risen Motherhood financially because it's a way that I can be a part of the ministry to moms that I'll never meet. I don't have the same gifts as the RM team, but the Lord gives us each different giftings and beyond a tithe to my local church, I get to further the gospel hope for moms. Risen Motherhood goes places where churches can't and addresses common issues to mothers all around the world. Thank you for letting me partner with you!" - Lauren R. 


"Every episode of Risen Motherhood preaches the gospel to my soul. Before Risen Motherhood I was frustrated with being a stay-at-home mom. I was tired, bored, and lonely. Risen Motherhood helped me to see that my primary mission during this time in my life is to share Jesus with my children. Every episode gives me encouragement to live out this mission in my life. Being a stay-at-home mom is still hard, but I have hope that my time is not wasted, that I can show the love of Jesus in the little things, and that other moms are on this journey with me." - Patricia H. 


"I chose to support RM because I absolutely love that they are connecting the gospel to every aspect of motherhood and life. Listening to their podcast, reading their blogs, following their Facebook and Instagram posts has taught me much more about the gospel than I knew before. And the more I know, the hungrier I am to learn more and grow in my relationship with Christ and dependence on Him, and the greater my desire to share the gospel with others! It is very clear to me that these girls have pure motives, pure hearts, and a wealth of knowledge and resources they desire to share with all women, without cost, and I wish to help them financially in this endeavor." - Lara W.


"If I had to choose one word to explain why I became a Patron for Risen Motherhood, it would be: FREEDOM. I point numerous women to RM episodes and articles, not because Laura and Emily have “all the answers” or because they are perfect model moms, but because they share the freedom of the gospel of Jesus. I have never in my mothering journey experienced as much freedom as I do now, after listening to the podcast and hearing the gospel applied to almost every decision I could make in parenthood. When our friends chose to return to the United States after ten years of overseas missions, we had extra money in our budget to give. There was no question where it would go. Our gift might no longer be used to offer freedom to nonbelievers overseas, but it is being used to offer freedom to moms, who then have the gospel fresh on their minds as they love their families, their fellow church members, their neighbors, and their coworkers. I am truly blessed to play a small part." - Katrina N. 


"Nothing has deepened my walk with the Lord quite like mothering. The love I have for my kids helps me rest in the Father’s love for me in a way I never fathomed before. I’ve rarely felt so desperate for the Lord as I do when rocking a wide-awake baby at 3 AM. The opportunity to participate with the Spirit in cultivating my children's relationship with Jesus is an enormous privilege that sometimes feels like an unbearable weight in the midst of toddler discipline and diaper changes. Risen Motherhood has helped me to “gospelize” the backbreaking work of everyday motherhood, which in turn has helped me to see other parts of life through the lens of the Gospel. And I am not the only one – God has used RM as a landing spot for a rich community of other women just like me to spur one another on to love as we raise kids and love Jesus together! 2 Corinthians encourages us to give out of an overflow of gratitude in the heart, and I am so very grateful to the team at RM and all the good, hard, Gospel work that they do. No joke, the thought of giving each month makes me a little bit giddy because I get to be a part of this powerful ministry – what a privilege!" - Kayla C. 


"If I had to choose just one resource on the Internet to recommend to new moms, it would be Risen Motherhood. I stumbled across the podcast shortly after becoming a mom and God has used it to help shape my whole perspective of and attitude towards motherhood to be more positive and Biblical. The podcast and blog are Christ-centered and consistently point back to the gospel to find solutions to the struggles of motherhood. Laura and Emily give Biblical, wise, relatable advice, and I'm grateful to them and their team for the content they produce." - Esther E. 


"When I first became a mom, I was so discouraged by how alone I felt in motherhood. When I would asked seasoned Mother’s how they kept intimacy with Jesus in the early years, their response was always, ‘it’s just a season.’ It was almost as if I was being told to just wait it out until my child is grown to get back that time I wanted with the Lord. When I began listening to RM I had three children and many more things calling for my attention. But with every episode, I was reminded and encouraged by the cross, and the reality of being able to thrive in the Lord even in this busy season. Simply put, The podcast points me to Jesus and gives practical responses to the craziness of motherhood. Because of how blessed I have been by the show, my family gives back to them in hopes that another hot mess mama (like me!) out there will be blessed." - Vicky P. 


"I have no idea where I heard of Risen Motherhood, but I started listening to the podcast in the fall of 2017 when I had a 4yo,2yo, and an infant who didn't sleep. That was a very hard year for me and RM was like water to my thirsty soul or, more accurately, sleep to my zombie-like body. I could play the short podcasts in the car or while working around the house. The episodes were to the point, relatable, and something that helped me grow when my brain could barely function. When the Patreon page was announced, I couldn't sign up fast enough. I'm thankful for the opportunity to support a ministry that has been instrumental in my life. I have recommended RM to everyone I can think of and I've been thrilled to see so many friends benefit from RM." - Emily F. 


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